Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pics from the County Fair Dairy Show 2009

Kelsey in the Auction ring, she will be using the procedes from local businesses to help pay for her college education.

Bethany was all smiles for the Auction as well, it was a great way to show off Lacey her awesome calf!

Even Val was smiling, for a job well done! Ollie, her cow, is a red and white Holstein cow.

Angela, very focused on the judge....showing her yearling to her very best-good work Terri!

Adam clipping and grooming, final touches for the show.

Chris in the show ring with his yearling.

Such small guy, with a big calf...but a mellow well behaved calf, a good pet even~!

Early morning (some up before 4 am) working on clipping the udder for the judge, so he can see the udder of the cow looking it's very best!

Winter calf class, where all three animals are judged and place. Calves and cows are judged on their style, shape, size, frame, and abillity to produce milk, be productive, and live long healthy lives. Cows with good feet, legs, udders, and frames will live long lives...hence why dairy farmers breed for these traits. Long lives=lots of milk.
4-H offers kids the ability to show animals like this. How great of experience this can be for kids! At least 1/3 of the kids at our fair are leasing their aniamls from local farms. These kids haven't lived on a farm like the others, but lived in town and wanted to learn more about dairy cattle. 4-H showing teaches youth how to care for animals properly, animal welfare, responsibility, work ethic, and other great traits. I was in 4-H for 10 years, 10 great years and now I give back to an organization that gave me so much!

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