Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too mad to go to bed!

ARG!  Looks like Mercy for Animals (MFA) found yet another example of abuse in the livestock industry.  I watched their video, which they will be releasing to the press tomorrow, but it did not sit well with me at all (I'm so MAD at these people, I couldn't go to bed without posting)!  It was really hard for me to watch such pain and disrespect for these calves.  Heart wrenching doesn't even begin to describe how I felt.  I wanted to reach through the screen at take a swing at the abusers!  Everyday, dairy farmers like myself work diligently, putting the care of our calves and cows first, most times before our own care.  It is a black eye on our industry when another situation like this is found.  Abuse of this nature is not commonplace in our industry, even though some activists would lead you to believe this. Orange Patch Dairy and other dairies across the nation strive everyday to improve the care we give our animals.  We do not treat our animals like waste and we do not withhold medication/medical care.  Our cows get our VERY BEST, EVERYDAY!

Thank you MFA for finding and reporting this abuse.  It is an example of completely INAPPROPRIATE animal care.

Please see the following links for other farms/dairies and videos...showing how much we truly put our cows needs first! 

Don't go Vegan to protest abuse....prosecute the abusers!

RayLin Dairy, California
Haley Farms, Ohio
Dairy Farming Today YouTube Channel
Dairy Farming Today WebSite


  1. Contrary to popular belief, honestly, not all of us believe all dairy farms treat animals this way no matter what animal right org posts. But, I am thankful when they do find the ones who do abuse. If we did not have them we would not learn of such things and be able to do something about them. But I do thank God for farmers such as yourself who do love and treat your animals with such love and respect. Thank you farmers for all you do.

  2. I keep forgetting to check in on your blog, and I remembered today because I figured you would have a response to this video.

    Such a sad and horrible situation, but good to see you (and many other farmers) speaking up about the great care most cows are treated with.

  3. Sad that those individuals get away with destroying life the way they did. Karma.

  4. I'm so glad you condemned the abusers and not Mercy for Animals. I've been astounded by the number of Dairy Industry bloggers who are condemning MFA rather than the hideous actions of the people in the video. It does concern me that MFA randomly selects the farms they visit and they purport to NEVER have found a farm where they haven't recorded such abuses. It's sickening as a caring compassionate person to think that this is widespread.

  5. Anonymous: Thank you for your belief in farmers! It's much appreciated!!! It's great to hear positive feedback in a media age which is constantly firing negative feedback at us.

  6. Natalie: I can gladly acknowledge abuse when I see it. I hope that MFA will work to fully understand some common farm practices before taking them out of context however. I also doubt that if MFA found a farm that did not abuse their aniamls...that they would show that video. It would defeat the purpose of their organization. I guess that's why I blog about my farm instead...and pray that we can prove that abuse is NOT as wide spread as it appears to be. Thanks for reading!


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