Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shame on YOU PETA!!!!

Apparently PETA can't stop attacking hard working dairy farmers here in the USA. PETA recently released a video that showed dairy cows in deplorable conditions. I can honestly say that cows at OUR FARM are NOT treated like this. We care very deeply for our animals both for personal and economic reasons. Happy cows, are profitable cows on a dairy farm, therefore cows on the PETA video are not producing to the maximum of their ability, nor are they living long productive lives. This is just an example of ONE Bad Apple which PETA is amplifying to represent an entire industry. If you don't believe me....well, stop at your local dairy farms for a visit and ask a few questions. If you do, you will learn VERY quickly how much dairy farmers actually care for their animals.

Please listen to this great video from another advocate for agriculture.

Shame on YOU PETA~! For picking on hard working dairy farmers :(


  1. It's too bad that people see one video and assume everyone is like that. Are there bad farms out there that don't take the best care of their cows? Sure, but there are also bad lawyers, incompetent physicians, postal carriers who can't get the mail to the right get the idea. Dairy farms cannot stay in business if they don't take care of their cows. End of story. Don't believe the PETA hype folks.

  2. I get so tired of these kinds of articles. Why don't you dairy farmers ever express outrage at these kinds of videos and DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS KIND OF ABUSE? Instead you ppl just pretend its not happening and blame PETA. PETA only filmed it, attack the dairy farm that allowed the abuse to happen! Makes me think your trying to hide this stuff. STAND UP AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE instead of trying to kill the messenger!!
    And your comment to Don't believe the PETA hype is stupid. They've got the video, its there in blk and white so are supposed to believe this is happening?
    If your farm is a good one then HELP STOP the bad ones instead of getting mad at the evidence.
    And I really don't care if you ever post this just wanted to let you know your anger is very mis-directed.

  3. The dairy industry as a whole is doing something to stop animal abuse....see a program started called FARM, working towards promoting animal welfare on all farms. Please see Kathy's comment to further explain.

    PETA's goal, which is VERY well known, is to eliminate ALL animal agriculture. PETA is not just a messenger, but a politically motivated group working towards putting hard working dairy farmers out of business. These dairy farmers are vital parts to rural economies and communities. Don't believe me....visit rural America and find out. To put it basically...

    Happy Cows are profitable cows...therefore, all successful dairy farmers give there cows the BEST care possible!

  4. Well said Orange Patch Dairy! PETA is very good at showing only what they want to be seen and not always the reality for the entire industry. They have a way of showing the one or two idiots out there that make the hard working small farmer look bad. Yes it's terrible how some people treat their animals and it should be stopped but don't paint the whole industry like those few people! I have lived and breathed dairy and swine for my entire life and I will tell you that there are many others just like me and I'm offended that I have been but in the same category as the people on this video. If you want to be taken seriouly PETA and stop animal abuse show both sides of the story!!!

  5. Until you people, THE LOCAL FARMERS unite and stand up against this kind of abuse instead of writing stories how its all PETAs fault, and how all they want to do is blame all the farmers then this issue will continue until ALL the laws are changed and YOU the local farmers will lose because people DO NOT like to see animals abused and tortured. One state after another will change their laws to protect the animals because all you local Farmers do is sit there and point fingers at others, whine and blame everyone else while you pat each other on the back for posting a good comment but you will have only yourselves to blame for doing nothing while the factory farms put you all out of business because of their inhumane ethics. And that happy cow nonsense is a crock. To the factory farms, a cow filled with anti-biotics and genetically modified to grow twice as fast to produce twice as much milk so they can be killed early to make lots of money is a happy cow OWNER. If you don't want this to be the the future of farming then DO SOMETHING for petes sake!

  6. John: 99% of all dairy farms in the US are family owned...and family run. These familes depend on these farms and cows to provide a living and a way of life for their children. Whether 30 cows or 1000 cows, all dairy farmers who want to be successful will take EXCELLENT care of their cows. See the link below, showing our NATIONAL Dairy Farmers organization and their proactive response to animal welfare.

    I can tell you that at Orange Patch Dairy, I work countless hours to care for my cows. We "own" 100+ cows but we have 200+ cows on our farm...and we care of each of them. Our cows are housed in clean environments, free from weather challenges. Our hope is that our cows live long lives (average age of our cows is 4 yrs but we have some that are over 10 years old!). We use techonologies to help our cows to produce safe, wholesome milk while maintaining excellent health. Our cows get checked out by the vet every year, twice a year to make sure that they are well....and that's not just on our farm but every dairy farm in the USA.

    Anti-biotics are used to treat infections, but we work hard to make sure that those infections don't occur by housing cows in CLEAN and HEALTHY environments. Antibiotic usage means that we must dispose of milk, since it is not able to be sold for human use, therefore we lose income in addition to the cost of the drugs each time we treat a cow. This is not profible.

    Cows producing milk are not currently genetically modified. We use artificial insemination to advance our cows genetic potential by just picking out the best bull possible, but I am sorry that you are misinformed. Cows are NOT genetically modified. We currently do not have any technologies avilable to make cows grow twice as fast as normal. We just make sure we make good quality feeds for them, so they can grow to their about 2 years.


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