Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow storm coming!

Looks like we have a monster of a snow storm coming our way. Sounds like we will receive snow between 12-20 inches over Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. While I love a good snow storm, it gets to be a lot of work on the farm. Today Jonathan and I were "battening down the hatches" trying to prep for the storm, so hopefully we can enjoy a little bit of Christmas with family if possible or with each other. On our list was:
  • Bedding in all of the cows
  • Bedding all of the calves
  • Sealing up the calf huts
  • Storing extra bedding for the heifers so we don't have to dig it out of the snow banks
  • Feeding all of the cows and heifers extra feed for extra energy to get through the snow
  • Fixing and sealing curtains on the milking barn
  • Hooking up the snow blower so we can make sure the milk truck can make it to our barn
  • Plugging in tractors so we can start them in the morning-to move snow just to milk cows
  • Moving cows that are close to calving, so we can watch them more closely and don't have to move them to the milking barn in a blizzard
  • Making snow fences to stop blowing snow from drifting in our feed bags

PLANNING, PLANNING,'s going to be a crazy couple of days at the farm! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas....and a safe one at's hoping we can make it home from the farm to enjoy Christmas here instead of sleeping with the cows.

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