Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Cooling for Cows 2010

With the temperatures rising this week at Orange Patch Dairy, it has made it very apparent that cow cooling is critical in the summer months.  We provide shade, sprinklers and fans to make sure our cows are comfortable every day.  As the temperature rises, the sprinklers run more frequently.  Cows really enjoy the sprinklers, like kids at a water park.  By cooling cows, we make sure that they do not become stressed.  Heat stress is a serious condition in cows.  Heat stress can cause a number of health issues and illnesses,'s definitely important to keep the girls cool!


  1. ofcourse i am respectful for the cows and farming of yours. great work!!

  2. Vote4Safe... Thanks for viewing our video and checking out our blog! We hope to continue our hard work for our cows, our families & our consumers.


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