Monday, September 27, 2010

Pedicure Day at the Farm!

Well, I'll be busy the next 2 days at the farm.  We are giving the cows their second pedicure for the year.  Each year every cow on our farm have their hooves trimmed.  Hooves get over grown, especially in the summer months, so it's time for a good clipping.  When we are finished, each cow will be walking with a little more spring in their step.  What to know about what this looks like?  Check out our video from hoof trimming video from 2009!


  1. Hi there...just out blog hopping and found my way here. I enjoyed reading through your blog. I am a farmers wife living in ND. :) Come on over and say hi.

  2. Thanks! I will make sure to stop on by! Where about in ND are you at?


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