Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Computer Down for Repairs

Well I'm back!  My dear, wonderful husband was left home alone with the computer a few days ago to tend to some much needed, end of the year bookwork, only to upload a virus to our dear computer!  We luckily have a computer guy in the family and he was willing to take a look!  We got the computer back before Christmas but I haven't had the chance to post anything until now. 

I hope the Holiday Season is finding all of you in good spirits!  Winter has decided to take a break here at Orange Patch Dairy.  We were unable to attend 2 of the 3 Christmas celebrations we were planning to go to this weekend, thanks to some new calves.  We had 8 calves born in the past 4 days (6 before Christmas & one on Christmas morning!).  So far the total is: 5 heifers, 1 bull and 1 set of twin bulls.  Since we have 8 new babies to feed, calf chores now take an additional 40 minutes each time, or 80 extra minutes a day.  Bottle feeding calves is very time consuming but I love bonding with my new calves!  I have pictures to be posted soon of my new babies, but for now I best be off to bed...we have at least one more calf coming tomorrow (I induced her mother today, since she is 5 days past due) and 5 more due before New Year's!  Stay tuned for more posts!!


  1. How long do you keep the bull calves before they are sold? Are they allowed to grow to maturity? I have seen stories on the internet of days old calves being shipped to slaughter.
    I realize that bull calves are of no use to a dairy farmer, but I hope that they are treated humanely.

  2. We keep our calves on farm until about 5-7 days old. I like to make sure that my bull calves have a great start on milk as well as have their vaccinations. Once they have a clean bill of health I sell them to my neighbor (who also is a dairy farmer but also raises beef steers). She keeps our bull calves and raises them for about 1.5-2 yrs of age.

    All of our calves, regardless of their gender are treated humanely, it's what we do, because we care. Thanks for your comments!


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