Friday, January 14, 2011

What's YOUR dream job?

Last week, while I worked to bed in my little calves, I was listening to our local radio station.  The radio announcer was discussing a survey of the general public, answering the question "what's your dream job?"  Surprisingly, the top answer was to be a movie star/TV star/rock star and the second highest answer was a successful professional athelete.  I pondered that question....what would my dream job be?  I didn't have to think too long, as I knew without a doubt I would want to be a dairy farmer.  Nope, I am not interested in being a celebrity, but instead a noble dairy farmer.

There have been many times in the past 5 years that I have been offered jobs that require less physical labor, less hours, and would pay so much more, but dairy farming offers me so much more than a living wage.  The past 3 years we have barely made a living dairy farming (we hope to make a reasonable salary soon). We started farming well aware that we better not expect to be millionaires while dairying farming.  So if it isn't the money, what could possibly make me say that dairy farming is my dream job???

  • I LOVE my cows! Everyday I get to work with awesome animals, which I have great respect for.
  • There's nothing more rewarding that a newborn heifer calf!  Every time we have a new calf I am reminded of how so much of our lives is out of our control but how so much of it is also a great blessing!
  • Rising to the challenges!  I enjoy challenges, I always have.  As a dairy farmer each day has its own set of unique challenges....and I strive to meet them, it's very rewarding to save a cow, solve a problem, or help the herd be in their best health, etc.
  • Nature rocks! I complain a little about the heat and the cold in Minnesota, but at the end of the day I love the seasons, the weather changes, the wildlife, and the natural wonders that surround us...a great blessing!  Who needs an office when you have the great outdoors???
  • Feeding the world, one milk drinker at a time!  I am proud to know that we produce a nutritious and wholesome product that can help consumers of all ages maintain good health.  I feed the World and I am proud of it!
  • Protecting the environment.  We strive each year to be better stewards of our land, water and resources.  Each year we make changes to help us improve and sustain the environment around us for future generations and that's a great feeling!
  • Sharing our story!  I LOVE this blog and my SM activities which allow me to share our story with others who may never see a farm in their lifetimes.  How awesome of privilege it is to share how milk is produced and how families like ours care for our cows each please feel free to ask questions, I love to answer them!
So...What's your dream job???  Would you consider being a dairy farmer instead of a celebrity?  I would in a heartbeat!!!


  1. What a nice and wise post. Lots in there we should all remember about our jobs, whatever they are.

    I worked as a hand on a dairy farm in college. Now I manage engineers for a living. I would not make a very good dairy farmer--I'm too impractical. But many intangibles from those days stick with me now.

    I'm not sure about a dream job, but I could make a list very similar to the one you posted, about the things about my work that motivate and give meaning to each day. Which means I'm probably in the right kind of job for me.

    There is much to be commended in your way of writing and sharing the good things you find in this good life of yours. Thanks.

  2. Wright: THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing! You are correct, if we could all sa that our jobs are our dream jobs...what a great world we would have! Thank you also for the work that you do, I could never manage engineers. Please keep reading, I hope you enjoy!

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