Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Animal Activisits are an Important Part of our Future

Below was a comment recently posted on one of my previous blogs, and it really made me think about animal agriculture and how our relationships with consumers have evolved in the past few years thanks to HSUS and PETA.....check out the comment:

"I've been reading through this blog (is this called a thread?) with interest, and glad to see that after some initial emotional arguments, an intelligent exchanging of views was achieved - we don't all have to agree with each other, but we do need to stop branding every person the same way - not all dairy farmers are cruel, not all animal activists are raving vegan extremists. Good to have respect for someone elses point of view....

....I could go on and on, but in the end, I am not a vegetarian, well not full time anyway, I have my moments, but I do stand strongly for the ethical treatment of animals, and I do believe that animal activists are an important part of our future, as they help to keep improving our systems and educating the public, and work with us as producers to make the world a happier place for animals. All I would ask of animal activists is that they do actually do their homework before launching personal attacks on people - I think the wider population would actually take them more seriously if this was the case."

This reader really hit home on those 2 points...thanks to animal activists we have worked to make our farms and ranches better and we have a total industry of agriculture, really begun to educate consumers about where their food comes from.  I know on our own farm we work hard to give the best care to our animals, but I will admit there are probably places for improvement that an activist might be able to see, that we might miss.  In addition, I might not have this blog if it wasn't for activists who make consumers acknowledge that they really don't know where their food comes from anymore.  Thanks to activists I have the honor and privilege to share with consumers and readers alike about the daily happenings on our farm, and that's awesome!  So thank you animal activists for allowing me to have this great blog!


  1. The line from the comment that struck me is "we don't all have to agree with each other, but we do need to stop branding every person [farm] the same way".

    Part of what defines our generation is intolerance for beliefs other than our own and, unfortunately, that has spilled over into agriculture. I believe strongly that we need all types and sizes of farms - and that we're going to have to work together - if we're going to continue to feed the world.

  2. Sadie: I agree as well. We need farmers of all types and sizes, because consumers deserve to have choices. Hopefully we can learn to work together for the betterment of food and farms.


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