Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Networking with Fellow Dairy Producers

Today I had the honor of speaking at the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin's Business Conference, and let me tell you...it's been a blast!  How awesome to see so many producers excited about milking cows, caring for cows, and communicating to consumers!  It's been great to see many producers taking advantage of the great seminars with awesome topics...like how to handling our cows better or how to communicate with consumers more effectively.  Dairy farmers are always striving to do a better job.  We are always looking for new methods to make our cows more comfortable or increase the level of care they receive.  New innovations are also displayed in the "Hall of Ideas", where I am looking forward to searching tomorrow...great new products from dairy companies that help us care for our cows!  The other great thing about this conference, besides the education is the networking with fellow dairy farmers...

Let me tell you, it might not seem like it, but we dairy farmers are VERY social people.  When we do get off of our farms we LOVE to talk with other dairy producers about what's working for them, what's working for us, new ideas with dairy industry representatives, and latest current events. It's great to share with producers from across the country your common frustrations and joys, because those are what bonds us together.  It's been an awesome experience to share with fellow farmers the joys I have writing this blog, posting on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our YouTube channel.  I hope many of those I spoke with today are as inspired as I am to continue sharing our stories...because dairy farmers have such GREAT stories!  Thanks to all dairy farmers for the hard work that you do everyday!  You are greatly appreciated!


  1. Great post. You are right dairy farmers are always looking for ways to approve and we are social creatures LOL
    ENJOY your conference!
    Barbara AKA Dairy Goddess

  2. Thanks for speaking to us at the PDPW conference. I feel so many consumers are disconnect from their food source so I decided to start a blog for my own farm. Should I sign up for my dairy tool kit? Thanks for setting a great example for the rest of us!

    Brad Boon - Boon Farms, Greenwood, Wisconsin

  3. Barbra: I had a blast! Fun times with "social creatures" haha!

    Brad: I do believe that you would benefit from joining the "tool kit"....the email updates alone are worth the add. Congrats on your blog as well!


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