Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating National Ag Day!

We sincerely hope that you take some time today to celebrate National Ag Day!  Please join us in celebrating the agriculture industry that makes our country great and our food choices so rich and bountiful! 

How wonderful it is that we can go to the grocery store, and for a mininum percent of our wages, be able to purchase so many different types of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and of course dairy foods! 
How wonderful is it that we are so blessed in our country to have choices as to how our food is raised, produced and cared for!
How great is it that we can purchase our foods knowing that 97% of all farms in our country are family owned and operated.  Families that also feed their own children what they raise!
How awesome is it that we can purchase food at the grocery store and know that it was inspected, tested and checked for quality before it even reached the shelves!
How amazing is it that our farmers each have a choice as to how they raise and produce food, but they know that those choices need to be made for the generations of farmers yet to come!
How awesome is it that we have the use of technology, which is abling farmers to use their resources of land and water even more wisely when they grow food!
How great is it to know that farmers, such as ourselves and many others, are still willing to work tirelessly to care for livestock in all weather conditions, raising healthy animals with the utmost respect for them!
How generous are our farmers, to often be the leaders in our communities and organizations in feeding the poor and starving of our own country and others!

How GREAT is Agriculture???  You ate today, right??? Help us celebrate an industry which helps feed the world!

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