Thursday, February 9, 2017

Women in Ag Join this seminar today!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about women in agriculture and encourage them to take the lead for the future of food.  I am also all about education and improving ourselves.  Here's some great news on that front!  There's a great seminar coming up next week for women in Agriculture in Minnesota! Next week on February 16, join the University of Minnesota staff in Willmar for Women in Ag, Planning our Future.   Why should you attend?  Here's 5 reasons why:

1. Networking with other women in agriculture who know what you are going through and can offer you advice and wisdom!
2. Learn from Amanda Fruend and her amazing venture CowPots!
3. Betty Berning gives you some great tips to develop an effective business plan for all of your ventures!
4. Pauline Van Nurden will coach you to set financial benchmarks!
5. Staff and extention will be available to help guide you on how to make your dreams reality!

The take home message, if I wasn't on a trip to Texas for work next week, I would be in Willmar and I would be taking in everything that I can to help out women dairy producers.  If you want to go and you haven't registered, please register today and even if you have you can still win a FREE registration by commenting on the blog post below! Leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Valentines Day (Free registration will be able to be redeemed at the registration table in Willmar on the 16th!) I look forward to your comments below!

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