Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Yevette...

Yevette has taken a turn for the worse. Often with preemies such as herself, certain body systems are not ready to take on the role of functioning body parts. Yevette has been struggling to pass manure, which tells us that she may not have a fully functioning digestive tract yet. Not being able to "poop" makes her uncomfortable, unthrifty, and tired. Most of today Yevette rested, waiting for bowel movement. This evening she was able to pass some manure, and even showed interest in drinking more milk. We hope that this is a good sign. She is just so small and fragile. As a little blessing, like all of our calves we hope she can pull through. She has been given some medication for any pain she may be feeling, as well as a slight laxative. We also administered an antibiotic in case she has an infection. Preemies often have compromised immune systems and since Yevette is running a slight temperature we thought we would be safe. When we pass through the calf barn, Yevette still lifts up her head and sees who is coming by. We stop and pet her, she yawns and drifts back to sleep. She did a lot of resting today. Please pray for our little blessing...I know we are.

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