Wednesday, July 22, 2009

God's Blessings...

It's truly inspirational on a farm some days. While we didn't receive the rain that we needed yet this week, we continue to pray and hold hope that the rain will come and the crops will be saved. This hope gives us optimism for another day, another chance, and this hope gives us the power to get through anything. Hope is our greatest power.

God's blessings are all around us on a dairy farm. The birth of a new calf is a blessing. A bright sunrise is a blessing, as well as a gorgeous sunset. The smells of fresh cut alfalfa, new rainfall, freshly dug soil, and yes even cow manure are all blessings. How often in life we take for granted the simple things, the things that really matter. I have always believed that farming, especially dairy farming is one of the few occupations that helps to bring you closer to God. In dairy farming, so much is out of our control, but is instead, random and natural. We hope in God...that if he led us to it he can lead us through it.

On January 2nd, 2009 I put my hope and faith in God. I walked away from my full time job in town...a job that I loved and a job that allowed me to work with some really great join my husband. I worked for 4 years as a dairy nutritionist (I balanced and formulated diets for cows in my customers' herds-making sure that all of their dietary needs were met). I loved my job. I loved working with local dairy farmers who also loved their jobs and inspired me to do better for them.

BUT....we (Jonathan and I) decided it was time for a change....a change to help me pursue my real dream job in life-dairy farmer. Some wives of dairy farmers assume the position of wife of dairy farmer but more and more wives are now assuming the role of "partner" or even "primary operator". I became "partner". We make every decision together and we manage and care for our cows together each day. Being able to work with my spouse everyday as professionals is also a great blessing. We have put our hope in God that we made the right decisions, even if we are experiencing the worst milk prices in our short farming career. We just enjoy the simple things-like having dinner and supper together each day, kisses in the milking parlor, and laughing at a great joke while wrapping up chores. Striving for the same goals as husband and wife and professional partners makes for some exciting moments in life. Today was a day to appreciate this blessing from God!

I think that is awesome! Our 160 cow dairy farm produces 1920 jobs off-the -farm and in town!!!
These jobs are at banks, lumber yards, hardware stores, feed mills, trucking companies, agronomy centers, supply companies, veterinary centers, contracting companies, carpenters, plumbers, milking equipment companies, implement dealers, and many more!!!!

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