Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Made it to 100 cows milking, 120 cows total!

Just realized today that I had to update my blog page...we no longer have 100 cows, but have increased our herd to 120 cows over the past year! This growth has come from the addition of fresh heifers and just doing a good job making sure that our older cows live long, full, happy lives. We are hoping to plateau at about 120 cows milking, and about 140-150 cows total (milking and dry cows) in the next couple years and stay there for awhile. Any more additional cows will be sent to other dairy farmers that will provide them good homes as well. We like the idea of having a full barn....but an over-full barn can be detrimental to the cows-therefore we will have to make sure we can maintain our size "comfortably" for all animals.

We are so excited about this achievement! When we started farming almost 5 years ago, we had about 70 cows. In the past 4+ years we have added 50 cows without buying a single cow-all home raised heifers! This is quite an feat, if you know anything about the dairy industry-and we are super proud to have done it! Needless to say, we love our cows and love having more of them!

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