Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update on Theresa Joy....

I just thought I would post a quick update....Theresa Joy, our bundle of "joy" that was born late the other night is doing well! She drank her 1 gallon of colostrum milk yesterday and so far today has consumed another 2 quarts of milk. She will be fed tonight, where I assume she will drink another 2 quarts. She had a little bit of swelling in her navel this morning and showed some soreness, so I administered a shot of Penicillin. These symptoms are the result of a navel infection, so we treat quickly to make sure the calf doesn't "go backwards". Navel infections happen if the navel is ripped off in birth (which happened to Theresa Joy) and others happen because of unsanitary conditions. Because I acted quickly, after 3 more shots I expect Theresa Joy to be just great! and swelling free!! If left untreated a calf will get a temperature and become very ill, and losing weight.

Theresa Ann is doing well too. She's milking a lot and she is eating very well!!! Pictures coming soon....

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