Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturated & Muddy!

Saturated & Muddy!  That's how I would describe the "environment" on Orange Patch Dairy, these days.  There are so many things to be done on the farm, but there's literally too much mud, rain, slop, and muck to get it done.  I would take pictures to share our misery, but it's almost embarrassing.  Just when the weather clears, and the soil finally starts to dry, and it might look like we can get back in the fields (we have corn to finish planting, soybeans to start, and alfalfa to chop) we receive another 1/2 to 1 inch of rain.  This morning we were "blessed" with another 1+ inch of rain.  The forecast has more rain predicted for tonight as well as Thursday night.  The sun might actually come out this weekend, but that's just in time for my brother in law's graduation party....which means we can't be in the field. 

Then there's the cows.  It's so muddy in the cow yards right now, it has become impossible to get bedding to the cows.  Thankfully the sand corners of the pens are drying during the day, so the cows can rest on dry "islands" in the sun.  It looks bad though.  I was out fixing fence in our yards today, and sank into the mud as I stood still, like in quick sand.  I nearly lost my boots twice, stuck in the mud as I tried to walk out.  I've never been more grateful for the concrete portions of our yards, where are animals can find additional reprieve from the mud, as well as eat and drink in mud-free peace. 

Even if we get into the field, the mud is so severe by our silage bags, we will not be able to make our new 2011 haylage bags in the yard.  We will be searching for the highest, driest location on the's crazy to think about not being able to put a silage bag on our pad for weeks.  So please wish us well...these soggy dairy farmers could really use a dry break for the next 2-3 weeks, then we'll take some more rain.


  1. That's a very interesting post, Shannon, and I'll certianly be praying for you. We've been having a lot more rain down south than usual...just in time for hay cutting...but not nearly as much as ya'll. We're actually really happy for the rain (if it wouldn't come with wind storms and lightning) 'cause we're usually starting draught season by this time of year. what a difference in weather...all in the same country!
    Thanks for blogging and I'll certianly pray the Lord'll hold off the rain for ya'll up there!
    Blessings in Jesus,

  2. I'll certianly be praying for you Shannon... poor ya'll. We're needing rain here. Our hay is dry and brittle... it needs to grow... May Christ bless!

  3. Thanks! If I could send you some of our rain I would!


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