Thursday, January 8, 2015

Giving Back....

I am working on training materials for the county dairy princess program this week.  It's hard to believe it's the time of year again.  It always creeps up on me so quickly.  I start in this program as a freshman in high school.  I had no idea what I was getting involved with, just that I had some good 4-H friends that did it and the swore it was worth my time.  Little did I know that I was going to be joining the ranks with some of the greatest women in agriculture that we will ever know.  Many of these women are farming with their spouses, some are farming with their families, and many are working in the ag industry, but one thing remains the same, we are all giving back.  The one common thread among all of the dairy women that I have met through the princess program is their passion to give back to an industry that gave us so much.  We were all so lucky to have the opportunities that we had as dairy farmers' daughters and employees.  We learned a strong work ethic, responsibility, drive, determination, honesty, wholesomeness, and most of all passion.  It was the ambassador program that helped me realize my passion for dairy and it is through the ambassador program that I was able to give back on behalf of dairy...and now I am hopefully training the next generation of young women who will also give back. I can only hope that these young women will be even greater than my generation of women ag leaders....I have high hopes because they don't even realize how skilled they already are.  It's an exciting time of year with lots of's to giving back to my next generation of dairy women leaders!

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  1. Thank God for 4H, the FFA and their leaders! Thank God for the opportunity to have grown up on a working farm in SE Minnesota


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