Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Men's Sausage Dinner: Faith, Food, Fellowship, Farming

German deliciousness! Sauerkraut & Sausages!
This past weekend was our annual church Men’s Sausage Dinner.  There is so much about this event that just brings joy to my heart!  First it is an event that highlights our local German heritage which is focused on a delicious meal that few can really enjoy.  Sauerkraut is amazing!  This particular sauerkraut is made with shredded potatoes, mashed potatoes, pork pulled off the bone, and sauerkraut (fermented cabbage for those who are not familiar with it).  This recipe is a “secret” recipe that only the men of the parish know how to make, some of those men being my brother and my father.  Another trademark of this delicious meal are the locally made sausages.  The meat is from animals which are donated to the church from area farmers.  This year my brother and father donated a couple cows and a few other neighboring dairy farmers did the same.  Area hog farmers donate pigs and together, there is enough meat to feed the hundreds that come to eat at church, purchase take-out meals and extra meat and sauerkraut to sell. 

Starting months in advance men from the church organize who is going to donate animals and from which farms.  Once enough animals are found, a crew goes around to each farm and picks up the animals and delivers them to the butcher.  All of the work for this event from the organizing to the washing of dishes is done by the men from church.  It’s a great event that my dad looks forward to each year.  He and my brother enjoy working with other men from church for a good cause, but also working together in male comradery.  I did chores the morning of the dinner so my dad could help. The night after the dinner, he was just buzzing with stories about how fun it was to work with his friends and neighbors.  My brother was working the day before, pulling the meat off of the bones for the sauerkraut.  He was so dedicated he even went into work at 3am to get the pots of sauerkraut cooking!  While this was a men only event, it did my heart good to milk for my dad so he could help the church and have a great time in the process!  I’m already looking forward to it next year!  A celebration of Faith, Food, Fellowship and Farming!


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