Thursday, April 9, 2009

Got a cold :( Prepping for the milk inspector

It's a beautiful 50 degree day in MN, and I can't enjoy it because I got a cold. YUCK! I am usually very healthy, but thanks to a VERY busy weekend taking care of the farm and getting my husband Jon to his band performance (yep, Jon plays in a rock band which played at a local bar this weekend) I was running myself too thin. It caught up to me. 5-6 hours of sleep is not enough sleep to fight off a cold, and so now I suffer with a sore throat and runny nose right before Easter. So it goes, cold or no cold, there's really no sick days on a dairy farm.

So sniffles and all I headed out to the farm with a full schedule on our plate. We worked to bed in all of the heifers and calves today. It is important that they stay clean and dry every day, making sure that they stay healthy. I also worked to continue my efforts in the milking parlor. We are expecting the milk inspector any day now, so we are cleaning like mad. The milk inspector comes every 6 months to check out how well we are taking care of our cows and facilities, assuring that we are shipping a safe, wholesome product-milk. The milk inspector goes through EVERYTHING on a dairy farm! They have the rights to look at everything, and they do. SO....we need to clean everything. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I am always striving for a perfect score on our inspection. A perfect score is nearly impossible to achieve, but its a goal. Today I crossed off pressure washing the parlor and cleaning the was a good day, sniffles or not!

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