Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Tis the season for spring cleaning! I am so excited that this weekend I completed the parlor portion of spring cleaning. As mentioned in a previous post, the milk inspector (state employee who inspects dairies 2 times a year to assure milk quality and issue liciences to sell milk) will be visiting us in the coming days. While we maintain a clean parlor every single day of the year, a little tidying up is always needed. We try to make sure that if a visitor should happen to stop in and see us, the parlor and barn would not deter them from drinking milk, but instead impress them regarding our concern for milk quality and food safety. Anything in our barn and parlor is fair game for inspection, therefore EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned. An added incentive is the upcoming arrival of preschoolers in May for our annual school tours! We like to have the farm sparkling when visitors arrive! I sorted through a closet which was home to 4 years worth of construction "leftovers" as well as scrubbing the parlor and milk house spotless for hours! While it takes time to do, the end product is very rewarding....a parlor any consumer would be willing to drink milk from!

Another part of spring cleaning came from mother nature. We have been behind in yearly rainfall, but today mother nature "washed" everything for us. We received just shy of an inch of rain, first starting as a thunderstorm and then gently raining all day. This much needed spring rain "washed" away what was left of winter and helped to escort spring in. By the afternoon we saw SPRING finally come! The grass and alfalfa fields are all green now. Flowers are taller, green and tulips are blooming. Birds are chirping, and worms are coming out of the soil to play. Spring is finally here!!!

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