Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keen Attention to Detail at South Dakota Dairy

Meet the Gross Family of South Dakota.  They are another example of excellent dairy farmers who's keen attention to detail has allowed them to take excellent care of their cows. 

I may be in and out these coming days, as we are preparing for the 2nd cutting of alfalfa for the year.  We are also going to be hauling manure tomorrow.  Yep, that's right, it's time again to haul out some manure and water from our barn and parlor out to the fields.  We have some excellent neighbors who raise peas.  These peas were harvest today, clearing the field to be planted with soybeans, but before they plant some soybeans, we will be fertilizing it with cow manure.  It's really a great exchange.  By hauling manure to our neighbor's farm, we are making sure that we don't over apply these valuable nutrients on our own land and we are also keeping up on neighbor relations....who could really turn down free fertilizer?  So, we'll be busy in the fields, but I hope to have some pictures to share when I get a chance in the days to come.  Happy Summer & June Dairy Month!

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