Friday, May 1, 2009

Chopper shopping update...

Jonathan wanted me to clarify something. Even though we are currently looking for a new chopper, we can't really afford it. Milk prices have put additional stress on our family. We were able to save a little money last year when the milk prices were higher, and we plan on using that to help us update our equipment. One thing that is critical when we are making forages is making sure that ALL of our equipment is ready to run. After the 2008 Forage Season we are not entirely sure that our 1991 model chopper can make it through another 100 acres of alfalfa and 100 acres of corn. Knowing this, we NEED to replace this chopper. Our herd's future production depends on the quality of the feed we make. There's nothing worse than a broken chopper with 100 acres of alfalfa laying in the sun, drying and getting drier or.....raining coming in hours. Dry alfalfa makes terrible feed and rain often causes forages to mold, therefore timing is CRITICAL and equipment NEEDS to be ready to run.

We still haven't found the "right one", but we have found a couple "good ones" according to Jonathan. Jonathan continues to search online for other choppers he might have missed, looking for something a little closer to our price range. He was also talking about leaving for another road trip to Wisconsin next week. We shall see if he does leave, especially since we are FINALLY able to start planting corn this afternoon! We will keep you up to date!


  1. Two words....John Deere!!
    We just got out the brand new 2009 chopper and put the CB in the silage truck drivers won't have any excuses for spilling silage:)

  2. I wish we could put money into a chopper that new. We currently own a pull type New Holland 900 and we like it, but its just "used". It needs nothing short of a complete overhaul to be field ready this year. So I know they are looking at other New Hollands. That Green equipment is almost like a curse word to these guys, so unfortunately I don't see them buying one of those ;) Thanks for the idea!


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