Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preschoolers meet Joey!!!!

Tomorrow (Monday) we will introduce 42 preschoolers to the wonders of a dairy farm. We started doing farm tours last year and have decided with the preschool teachers that this should be an annual event. In addition to leaving a lasting impression about dairy farming we are also having a blast with some great kids!

We have many activities planned for these excited kids. First they get to ride the bus to the farm with a County Dairy Princess. She will lead the kids in fun songs on the way the farm. Once they arrive we will check out the bulk tank and milk house. Our cow "Discovery" will be in the parlor waiting to be milked. I can't wait to see the look on the kids' faces when they pet a real cow! It's so cool! After that we will visit the rest of the herd in the bedded pack barn. Then we will load up on a hay ride to the calf huts. There will be the big surprise.....

These preschoolers will meet "Joey". Joey will be so excited to meet all of the preschoolers! Joey is 10 days old and will be fed by the preschoolers tomorrow. She will be very excited to run around and enjoy the special attention. During the summer we will track Joey's progress as she grows and enjoys life on Orange Patch Dairy. Each week I will try to post information about what Joey has been up to, as well as pictures and video. Our hope is that parents and kids alike will check in and see how Joey is doing. Here's a little background information about Joey:

  • Joey is a Holstein calf.
  • She is a heifer.
  • She was born on April 30th, 2009.
  • Her mother is a first calf cow (Joey is her first born).
  • Joey's mom is named Judy.
  • Judy was born 2 years ago.
  • Joey was fed 1 gallon of colostrum for her first feeding after birth.
  • Joey was fed milk from Judy for the first 5 feedings (2.5 days) of her life.
  • Now Joey is fed milk replacer (dry milk which we add warm water to) twice a day in addition to calf starter (feed containing corn, oats, and protein pellets).
  • Joey lives in a calf hut, which is placed in a grove of trees providing shade from the sun and protection from the wind.
  • Joey's hut is bedded with chopped soybean straw.

We hope you will check in on Joey often in the coming weeks!

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