Monday, May 11, 2009

They came, they went, they learned!

Whew! What a day! 42 preschoolers later, I am exhausted! It was busy morning getting ready for the preschoolers before they arrived at the farm. Add to that the energy needed to keep up with 42 4 and 5 year olds, and needless to say it took a lot out of us today. The weather was beautiful and the kids were great! So many awesome questions asked. A BIG thanks to our 2 dairy princesses who came with us today for the visit! Some of the funny questions and comments are listed below....and pictures will be coming soon....

  • "Is that a boy cow, it only has one earring? Girl cows should have 2 earrings"-pointing at a cow's ear tag.
  • "My favorite part was milking the baby calves"-trying to tell us about feeding the calves milk in a bottle.
  • "How come they poop on the ground?"-because cows can't be potty trained yet ;)
  • "Is she bleeding?"-pointing at the teat dip on the cow's teat, which is dark brown colored.
  • "Whoa, she made a mess! Who's going to clean it up?"-when a cow pooped in the parlor.
  • "Can we walk in the poop too?"-wanted to walk in the scrape alley with the cows.
  • "That feed stinks-how do they eat that?"-pointing at the TMR, smelling like silage.

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