Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids Ask, I Tell, Part installment!

I saved my favorite question for last!

5. Girls can't drive tractors?!?!  Can they?!?!? (as I was jumping up onto our AC 6080 to pull our hay ride to the calf farm)

Haha! This one made me laugh, I get it every year!  There's always one little boy or girl who has grown up with the notion that only men are farmers, that they should be wearing bibs and flannel, and walk around with a piece of straw in their mouths, but guess what?!?!?  Women can drive those darn tractors too!  I have many friends (females) that are hard working farmers.  They no longer fall under the discription of "farm wife", staying in the house, making meals, tending the gardens, and feeding the calves.  Farm women for the past few decades have been moving out of the kitchens and gardens and into the offices of large dairies, the parlors, the fields, and yes, even the tractor cabs.  It's empowering to see women taking charge of their family businesses and making decisions.  So, yes...Girls can drive tractors too!

This is going to busy weekend, so if I am not around much, I apologize, we are prepping to get cutting alfalfa and we are also working so that Jon can do his hobby (playing drums in a local rock band!).  I hope to have pictures and video of both to share!

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