Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vote for US-Progressive Dairyman Flavor Face Off 2011

Do you love Ice Cream? Would you enjoy $100 in FREE ice cream?!?!  Well, I have a deal for for me in the 2011 Flavor Face Off for Progressive Dairyman and enter to win!  Who could say no to a delicious serving of South Dakota State University Raspberry Cheesecake?   Little known fact, South Dakota State is credited for the development of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, now the college has over 50 different flavors, many of which feature delicious treats from South Dakota's hard working farmers. 

Milk from cows like these is used to make delicious Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Milk for SDSU's awesome ice cream comes from cows on the SDSU Research farm.  Milk comes from Holstien and Brown Swiss cows.  Student workers care for these cows everyday.  Once the milk is loaded on to the truck, it moves swiftly to campus, where the plant will be ready to receive it.  At the plant, many student workers and expereinced professionals, work quickly to recieve the milk, to make not only ice cream, but cheese, and fluid milk (bulk only).  Rest assured that these students are greatly prepared before setting foot in the plant.  Now many graduates of SDSU, including me, return for this delicious treat! 

Your vote is greatly appreciated!  So if you haven't, .......
 Click here to vote now!

Who can say no to this cuddly jack rabbit?!?!

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