Friday, June 24, 2011

Importance of Taking a Calf to Town

Glenwood, daughter of Glencoe...scheduled to head to town tomorrow for a visit!
Tomorrow we are taking our little calf Glenwood to be part of a celebration for dairy month and a fundraiser for the local food shelf for June Dairy Month.  I'll be the first to admit that it's a hassel getting ready to take a calf to town.  First I had to pick the best calf to take to town.  It had to be a calf that would be friendly, is in good health, and will behave.  Glenwood was a great canidate for this, she's one of my favorite pets.  Then, today, I had to give Glenwood a bath.  After a little light scrubbing and some suds, she's a sparkling calf!  And she smells good too!  I put her in her own personal pen in the calf nursery, where she got extra bedding (to keep her dry and clean until morning).  I prepped by putting together feed, water, and milk for our trip to town.  Just like a child, she's going to need some snacks for this road trip.  I washed a special halter for her, becuase we want her to look her best.  The trailer needed a little cleaning, so we got that taken care of as well.  I have extra straw in the trailer, for a safe, comfortable and dry ride to town.

It's a lot of extra work, but it's definitely worth it.  To see the faces of the kids tomorrow, lets me know a little hard work makes a HUGE impression.  Talk about a conversation starter with parents!  Last year we had great questions about our calves, their mothers and the care we provide them.  As always, I was willing to answer all questions...and I am looking forward to some great ones tomorrow!  So HAPPY JUNE DAIRY MONTH!  Off to bed, we have a BIG day tomorrow!


  1. Hope ya'll have a good day today. :) I remember taking our calf to town with us... a number of times... but that was because she was so sick we couldn't leave her at home. So, she wasn't all spruced up and only a select few got to see her.
    Thankfully she made it through... and we did too!

  2. I remember when we took our calf to town. :) We weren't showing her or anything though...except for some friends who thought cows were aliens! :)...she was very, very sick and we had to keep an eye on her constantly. We just put her in our van with a heavy cloth under her for the mess. Our Dad had a dr's appointment that day and my sister and I sat out in the van with the calf. The vet called to check on her and asked where we had her. "She's in the van right now, we're at the dr's," we told him. "Why do you have the calf at the dr's?" Doc asked. :) That was funny....I guess he thought we were trying a different vet! :) It was fun taking our calf to town though...even if it was a BIG job....and you're right; when you have a good purpose behind all that extra work it sure pays off! May Jesus bless ya'll and ya'll's trip to town with Glenwood....she's beautiful. :)


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