Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sprinklers!

During the hot summer days (anything over 76 degrees) these sprinklers run, cooling our cows by wetting their backs while they enjoy their meals.  As the temperatures increase, the sprinklers run more often, and as the temperatures decrease they run less often.  Add some fans, and we have an awesome, inexpensive way to keep cows cool all summer long!  Happy June Dairy Month!


  1. That's a nice way of doing it! I studied on the cow's method of cooling once, and it isn't as easy for them to cool off as it is for us, for all I understand.
    Our Angus calf had an awful time in the summer, because, naturally, she was black, but she was young and weak. Her temp would rise sometimes to 105 or higher... and she would become very inactive. She was sick too, so that made it worse. As she got bigger, and stronger, it didn't seem to bother her as much.
    All the best!

  2. Wow....that's nice. :) Jesus bless you!

  3. Carra: Glad to hear your girl is doing better! Often, we spray our dry cows and heifers that our outside, especially those black ones!


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