Monday, March 23, 2009

Mud Season!

Been silent, but not hibernating...It's been some crazy days at the farm lately. Thanks to our lovely Minnesota climate we are enjoying above normal temperatures in combination with crazy winds (gusts up to 40 mph) and a variety of rain and thunderstorms. Spring usually comes with a vengeance in our state, but with dairy cows the weather makes daily chores more challenging. Rain with the warm temps have thawed out most of the frost in our soils (frozen soils) and have given us "Mud Season".

Mud season is usually from March til mid-April. Mud season means that it is difficult if not impossible to haul manure to the fields. It is also more challenging to keep cattle yards clean, and cattle clean....cows like to play in the mud like little kids :) It's also not too fun to walk through a muddy pasture with your boots on and lose one of them...stuck in the mud. But, with these showers and thunderstorms, and yes even the snow fore casted for the end of the week, we look forward to spring and planting season.

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