Saturday, March 28, 2009

You Tube Video of Interest....Thank you Mike Rowe!

I LOVE the Discovery Channel's show "Dirty Jobs"! I love the fact that Mike Rowe is willing and able to try just about everything....and has done an exceptionally good job of working jobs in agriculture and portraying them in a positive light. The link below is a speech that Mike did regarding labor, hard work, work ethic, and his job. I would like to highlight 2 of his points, points that I feel are critical when thinking about animal agriculture.

First and foremost, as a dairy farmer I know first hand the amount of hard work and determination it takes to do this job. It's NOT easy, it's NOT clean, we DON'T get weekends off and we DON'T get vacations easily. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day we are responsible for the animals in our care. A neighbor of ours, who milks cows still at the age of 75, told us that "God has blessed us with these animals, they are in our care, it is our responsibility to care for them". Even though our jobs are hard, physically and mentally...we love it! How could we not love the chance to be with animals every single day, working in nature....God's greatest gifts to us! Mike talks about the people who work picking up road kill...whistling while they work. Their jobs have purpose, and so do ours...providing a safe, wholesome, nutritious product for American families!

The second point that Mike makes, which is also important to point that he was wrong. He was wrong to think that he knew about raising and castrating lambs. BUT after listening and learning from the farmer that he was working with...."walking one day in his shoes" Mike learned that he was wrong. And the fact that Mike is willing to ponder about how many other times he might have been wrong before is a profound many times have YOU been wrong about US??? Ask yourself, "Do I REALLY understand what it is like to be in their shoes?" Because the truth is, unless you are willing to come to our farms, and walk just one day in our shoes, you will never know what it is like to be a dairy farmer, and the love we have for our jobs!

So please...check this's 20 minutes of time well spent! And thanks for your support!

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